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Have you ever wondered what your passion is?

Have you ever felt a conflict between who you are or what you want to do, and what society expects of you?

Has the urge to hit the 'Reset' button on your life to start all over again ever came across?

I am Mina Wasfi, and

I use science & logic to liberate individual potential.


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The Renegade Experience

Project Description

The Renegade Experience© is a 10-hours long coaching journey; with the focus on empowering the coachee to solve an internal identity conflict. 

By diving deeper into one's own history, belief system, previous life experiences, and personality, the coachee will end the journey with full clarity on who they are, what they want in life, what their biggest passion is, and what decisions they need to make in order to live their life the way they've always wanted.

The Renegade Experience© is the seed for a work-in-progress The Renegade© book (cover in the picture), with a planned publish date of 2026. The purpose of The Renegade© book is to provide the reader with pragmatic self-awareness tools; enabling them to make courageous decisions which impact both their inner-self and their outer world. The book focuses on the effect of made-beliefs on one's own freedom and identity awareness. It explores a variety of psychological, philosophical, and sociological theories and links them to the individual's belief system. The outcomes from The Renegade Experience© will provide The Renegade© book readers with real-life cases and provide relatability, credibility, and motivation.

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Is this for you?

- If you are struggling with a belief or identity related topic, and worried that coming out with who you are will end up with you losing valued relationships, The Renegade Experience©  is for you.

- If you are currently in a place in your life where you are doubting what you used to believe in since you were a young child, The Renegade Experience©  is for you.

- If you are currently in a place in your life where you are wondering about your identity, values, passions, talents, and self-worth, The Renegade Experience©  is for you.

How it works

- Fill the form below.

- We both commit to planning and holding 10 confidential conversations (in the form of coaching sessions), free of charge; each session is 3-4 weeks apart.

- We will use scientific techniques and frameworks to dive deeper into who you are and discover your identity anchors, limiting beliefs, personal values, aspirations, and passions.

- Your experience will be used as a reference in respective sections/chapter in The Renegade© book; anonymity is guaranteed

I promise you

  1. I will make sure our conversations are a safe space, free of judgement and bias.

  2. Complete confidentiality; no one will even know we've ever had these conversations, and the data management will be processed in total anonymity.

  3. Pragmatic, scientific, and personalized solutions so that you have clarity on who you are and what you want.

  4. I will challenge you; these conversations are only effective if they make you uncomfortable. To grow into who you really are you must break-free from your comfort zone, and my role will be to stretch you intellectually and emotionally.

  5. I will make our scheduled appointments a priority, and will not cancel any sessions except for sickness, death, and force-majeure reasons. I will expect the same level of commitment from your side.

Hear it directly from the 1st Renegade Experience graduate

"The overall journey was amazing! Every session was full of learnings. I was contradicting my words at many occasions, but -with Mina's support- I was able to look from a bird's eye at what I shared and realized that I was not contradicting myself, but I was contradicting what I was taught. That was the start to have an awakening and awareness about the autopilot and programmed thinking process I had, and to take me then to another level where at the end of each session I had fruits-for-thought to discover the answers from the depth of my heart. It was not easy at all; I had to challenge and pinpoint myself the many occasions I was influenced by many people in my life. Many thanks Mina for this great experience; you are a true friend!"

Awwab Al Najdawi

General Manager, E-Commerce

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Take part in
The Renegade Experience©


About Me

Professional Experience

I am a Career Development Coach & Expert with more than 13 years of experience in the field of People Development, who values freedom, responsibility, and empathy. I am certified as both ICF ACC and ACHOLOGY NLP Master Practitioner, and passionate about liberating individual potential through individual coaching. I have been recognized as a thought leader in the Talent Development space, and have been invited to speak in global conferences such as Edtech World Forum 2022 and Centuro Global Expansion Conference 2023

I am currently the Head of Career Development at Qureos , and the City Lead of Global Class in Dubai. Before that, I was busy establishing and co-leading the Talent Development regional function at Delivery Hero, the leading food delivery business in MENA. Throughout my 4-years-long journey at Delivery Hero, I have trained more than a 1,000 business mid-level managers and senior leaders, and 2,000 employees across 9 markets; covering topics such as leadership skills, agile methodologies, emotional intelligence, stakeholder management, public speaking, and more. 


Earlier in my career, I have been dedicating my time to engaging with community and developmental work in the Middle East. In the time between 2013 and 2017, I led non-for-profit social and medical developmental projects for the displaced and misfortune people in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Africa. This came as a temporary pivot of my main career in the field of E-commerce and start-ups, which I have decided to come back to through the window of talent management and enablement. 


On the talent management and leadership development side, I am an ICF ACC, a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a Certified Hogan Assessor, a Certified Leadership Circle Profile Coach, and an ICF Certified Performance Development Coach. I am currently working on my PCC ICF certification, and I am volunteering my spare time to coaching young professionals on career and life topics. 


Having professional experience on both the business and community work sides, I bring unique yet relevant experiences from war zones to professional life, empowering people I work with to unleash their individual potential and strive for success. My experience-sharing approach is all about using real-world examples, life cases, and scientific references to challenge pre-set perspectives and empower my learners and clients to grow faster and smarter.

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Qualifications & Certifications

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- MBA - Victoria University, Switzerland

   Strategic Management


- BSc - General Management

   Operations and Marketing


- Certified NLP Master practitioner


- Accredited Certified Coach (ACC)


- Professional Certified Coach (In-progress)


- Business Coaching Advantage Practitioner

- Member of Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

Leadership Psychometrics

- Certified Hogan Assessor


- Certified Leadership Circle Profile Practitioner

Talent Development

- Certified Training Director


- Professional Certified Trainer


- Certified Performance Management Practitioner

Organizational Development

- Accredited Diversity & Inclusion Expert


- Certified Organizational Culture Expert



Talent Development

- Established talabat Regional Development Team in 2019.

- Initiated and managed tLC'22 (talabat Learning Conference 2022); the biggest internal learning event in MENA.

- Trained +500 leaders business leaders of all levels and of +80 nationalities.

- Trained +1,000 Contact Center Professionals.

- Increased training efficiency to 94%; decreased cost of hiring by 72%.

- Designed and managed succession planning, leadership development, and multiple regional learning initiatives.


Community Service

- Organized and Led +45 community development programs across 4 ME Countries.

- Supported thousands of families across MENA on the financial, medical, educational, social, and mental sides





"This was the first time I have ever done a coaching session, and I am a very skeptical person about “coaching”, but Mina is the real deal, no up in the air woowoo talk but he was able to lead me to a breakthrough on what to do with my career and I have been struggling with this for years. In 1 session I had the clearest, and most vivid direction on what I need to do with my career and what my passion is. What’s brilliant about his approach is he doesn’t talk at you but instead asks you legitimate questions that leads you to your own truth! He also gives you very constructive feedback. Honestly this session is gold, and I would highly advice every single person to do this only with MINA"

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Business Development

"Mina does an excellent job as a career coach. He lets people find their way through the conversation and achieve clarity as to what the next steps need to be. Most people will talk about big dreams and career goals, but Mina goes a step further and helps with creating a roadmap on how to get there. On top of all this, he is happy to offer his support as much as he can.
I would recommend to have a chat with Mina to understand where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there."


Business Partner

"I can not recommend Mina enough for his endless energy, enthusiasm and engaging coaching and training skills. I recently attended some leadership training held by Mina which incredibly insightful and informative. I believe this was all down to Mina's passion and dedication to his work. He brings inspiration and encouragement to his sessions which is a true merit to him and Talabat. Roll on the next training programme :)"

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